Ann Hamilton Wallace

Songs Ann Has Written

Click a "Buy" button below to purchase one of Ann's songs for 99 cents. A "Sample" is the first 30 seconds of the song.

30-Second Samples Available For:

  • Fallin’ In Love
    30-second sample  
  • Winners & Losers
    30-second sample  
  • Love Is
    30-second sample  
  • With You Lovin’ Comes Easy
    30-second sample  
  • Feel It
    30-second sample  

Other Songs By Ann:

  • Ladidadidah (YouTube)
  • This is My Life (YouTube)
  • I Trust You
  • If Tomorrow Never Comes
  • Criminals
  • The Best I've Ever Had
  • Glory Be
  • He’ll Move A Mountain
  • Make It Through Another Day
  • If You Believe In Santa Claus
  • What I Need Tonight
  • Lost Hills Road
  • Listen
  • See The Light
  • My Man
  • You Got It Goin’ On
  • If The Walls Could Talk
  • Thy Will Be Done

INTERVIEW: Ann the Songwriter

AP:  How did your desire to write music come about?

Ann:   In the 1970's, as a youngster, I was privileged to have access to the recording industry.  At that time, I was married to Dan Hamilton of Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds.  Dan had a huge hit record “Don't Pull Your Love,” when we met.  By the time we married, Dan, Joe Frank, and Allan Dennison were working on a new album of original songs.  As fate would have it, Dan had some difficulty coming up with lyrics for three songs on the album.  I submitted my ideas for "Fallin' In Love,” “Winners & Losers,” and “Love Is”.  Danny loved the lyrics and I had my first hit record, “Fallin' In Love.”

Danny and I continued to write together through the 1980's.  We produced two new songs, “With you Lovin Comes Easy” and “Feel It.”  These were added to the original three songs and put on one disc entitled Love Songs by Dan Hamilton and Ann Hamilton.  This CD will be available in the future through AH-WA Publishing (BMI).

With the untimely passing of Dan on December 23, 1994, our collaboration had come to an end.

Our songs continue to be recorded by various other artists including La Bouche on the Sweet Dreams album and David Hasselhoff on his latest CD.  Also, they are played internationally to this day.  The music and vocal talent of Dan will continue to charm us all for many years to come.

AP:   What happened after Dan's death?

Ann:   I took a break for awhile.  In 1997, I teamed up with Jerry Corbetta, composer and producer of many hit songs, including “Green-Eyed Lady” and “You're Lookin’ Like Love to Me.”  Together, we have written a new catalog of songs including country, pop, dance, gospel, and many more.  Samples of these new songs are available through AH-WA Publishing upon request.

In 2009, the artist Drake recorded "The Best I Ever Had" with music sampled from "Fallin' In Love". This collaboration resulted in a #1 record on the R&B hip hop chart and #1 on Billboard Hot Rap chart.

Additionally, I am an active voting member of (NARAS) National Academy Of Recording Arts & Sciences.

AP: With a new surge of artistic energy in 2010, you can expect great things from Ann.

Ann Marie's artistic surge lead her to a beautiful and talented songbird, Natalie Aley.  Under Ann's management, together they wrote two songs, "La di da di dah" which went to #12 on I Heart Radio and "This Is My Life" soaring to #4 on I Heart Radio.

Recently, Ann Marie encouraged her son Jon Wallace to explore his musical talents, resulting in a rap song entitled "What Are You Doing Up There?".  Written and performed by Jon, aka Mr. Metamorph.  His producer, Wendell Wellman is exploring avenues to introduce Jon and his music to the public.

Listen to Jon's Song: 30-second sample