Books Ann Has Published

  • The Messenger, Revelations From An Unlikely Prophet
  • The Bridge, Think On These Things
  • How I Saved My Own Life And You Can Too!
  • A Mother's Manual For Raising & Recovering Children with Autism

INTERVIEW: Ann the Publisher

AP:   What prompted you to start your own publishing company?

Ann:   I would have to say it was intuition.  My gut feeling was there’s no time to waste in getting The Messenger to press.  Later, God would push me even harder to step up the pace.  We both knew 9/11 was coming.

Sending manuscripts to other publishing houses could have delayed The Messenger an additional two years.  Also, I was told when a book gets picked up by a major publisher, you lose control of the project.  The editors may cut, paste and add so much to the text that it doesn’t resemble the original.  Because The Messenger was inspired by God, I was not at liberty to change even a single word.  Therefore, with a leap of faith, Sonrise Publishing was born.

AP:   Why did you decide to call your company Sonrise Publishing?

Ann:   When I decided to form my own publishing company, I had two names in mind.  The first one was Harbinger Press.  I liked the meaning of Harbinger--the bringing of the news.  The second was Sonrise.  I loved the image of the sun rising and the beginning of a new day. 

AP:   The spelling is different, would you explain that?

Ann:   As I thought longer and harder on the subject, it became clear to me that the spelling of Sunrise would become S-o-n-r-i-s-e.  Sonrise reflects a personal journey, a journey of love, tenacity and triumph; a triumph over impossible odds.  Sonrise is the rising above obstacles by my hero, my son.