The Messenger
Revelations from an Unlikely Prophet 
by Ann Hamilton Wallace

GRAPHIC ARTIST: Nancy Younan Tamer
OTHER CONTRIBUTERS: Allen Daviau (Photographer),
           Linda Sivertsen (Editor), Vicki Torres (Copy Editor)
ISBN (Hardbound):  09724458-0-3
LCCN:  2002094555
CATEGORY(s):  Spiritual/Self-Help/Psychology
PRICE Hardbound:  $22.95
PAGE TRIM SIZE (inches): 5.5x8.5

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We are in the 11th hour.  Spiritually bankrupt and anesthetized by distractions, we are on autopilot to disaster.  God sent prophets in the past to teach righteous thinking and actions.  Many have misunderstood or lost their way.  The Messenger provides a wake-up call from our slumber of infantilism and frivolity.  It calls us to live with purpose and more importantly, to live united with God and one another.  The Messenger is easy to read and non-verbose, making it accessible to busy people.  The reader will not have to depart from everyday reality and adopt a Utopian point of view.  The Messenger helps those that are confused with statements like, “Love is all there is” by acknowledging evil and giving readers ways to overcome it.  The Messenger is a life-changing book that can manifest miracles in people’s lives.  And, miracles are what we all need now! 

Ann Hamilton Wallace has sustained a lifelong communication with God.  She has read countless books by other spiritual scholars such as Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, and Deepak Chopra.  She knows God’s voice and because of this has created miracles in her own life.  Join Ann on her journey of fulfilling God’s purpose in her life: to affect positive change in the world and to bring humanity closer to God.



Using My Own Willpower
Where Does All This Come From?
Not Like Most Books
There is Enough to Go Around
Blood is Thicker Than Water
Giving and Receiving
Senseless Acts of Kindness
The Koran
Sai Baba
Changing Channels
Addiction (Dharshan Junkies)
Dali Lama
Blind Faith vs. Intuitive
Transcendental Experiences
God’s Music
Traditions, Nationality, and Ism’s
Capital Punishment
Marianne Williamson
The Voice of God
Positive Programming
Oprah Winfrey and Gary Zukav
“Finding Forester”
Doing God’s Work
Your Own Bible for Living
Live to Give
Family and Friendship
Trust Your Senses When They are Telling You Something
Health Issues and Why Me?
Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life
Being Spiritual
Help Each other
The War on Drugs
Gangs in America
Robert Downey, Jr.
Theories of Change
Saints and Sinners
Do Unto Yourself What You Do Unto Others
Thou Shalt Not Kill
The New Physics
The Twin Paradox
Existence and Non-existence
As a Man Thinketh, So He Is
The Power of Prayer to Heal


"I just finished The Messenger and I am already using Ann’s ideas from the chapter, “Theories of Change” to improve the work environment here at Thompson-Shore.”
Mark McDowell

 "I was amazed by the poignancy of  The Messenger and found myself reading it over and over again."
Dr. Leslie Barnaby, 
Principle—Westmark School

"Ann Hamilton Wallace has written a very intimate book about her communion with God. Ann's book is a testimony to the idea that we can all converse with the Divine through the use of our own intuition, no matter what our religious faith. Ann attests that there is a universal language that unifies all world religions: the language of love."
— Amelia Kinkade
Author, Straight From the Horse's Mouth

"The only person I know that won't have to come back to get it right. She's got it this time around! God has given her awesome talent for song writing. And, I know His light is shining through her with this spiritually enlightening book."
—Jerry Corbetta
Composer/Producer/Publisher, New Year Music

"A wonderful, wonderful book! It touched my heart with joy and inspiration. Ann Hamilton Wallace has planted so many seeds with her words, not only for me personally or those of us in the United States but for the world at large. Now, it is up to us that share her vision to make those seeds blossom into reality."
—Janis Wong Perez
Doctor of Oriental Medicine

"Ann Hamilton Wallace's unique outlook on life offers something for everyone. Even the 'non-believer' can find some truths to live by."
—Lenn Goodside
Emmy-Winning Director, KTLA News


Ann Hamilton Wallace imparts diverse spiritual thoughts and guidance in small doses. This author is a minister who is also a practicing psychotherapist with degrees in philosophy and psychology. She compares "The Messenger" to Hugh Prather's popular book of some years ago called "Notes to Myself." Like it, Wallace's does not follow any plan. She explains, "It flowed through me, and I knew not to polish or refine the text...." As a result, Wallace's spiritual nuggets have an intensity, freshness, and immediacy for the reader.

     In the text reminiscent of a "crazy quilt," words of God are in bold type with words of wisdom from outstanding spiritual leaders in italics. Wallace's own words are in regular type. The more than 60 short chapters deal with a diversity of subjects. Some--such as Heaven, God's Music, and Doing God's Work--are age-old spiritual and religious topics; while others are contemporary issues which arouse spiritual feelings in one's attempts to understand them. Among these latter are Addiction, Capital Punishment, and Gangs in America. Yet other of the short chapters concern the Dalai Lama, Marianne Williamson, and others who have offered spiritual comfort and guidance.

     "When we get caught up in the illusion and fritter our energy away on useless endeavors, we become depleted and reach for the quick fix. This is a fast way to addictive behaviors," Wallace writes in one place. Elsewhere, "Taste what you are doing, in order to feel completely what is going on with great awareness at that particular moment." The reader can turn to this book filled with such counsel and thoughts for a moment of spiritual refreshment or for guideposts in strengthening and deepening one's spirituality.

 — Henry Berry
Book Reviewer, The Small Press Book Review

In 'The Messenger: Revelations from an Unlikely Prophet,' author Ann Hamilton Wallace offers a rich tapestry of ideas, prayers and enlightening material on a multitude of subjects from personal to global.
     With inspirational quotes from spiritual masters as well as her own unique comments, the author has created a book that is expansive by nature and creative in scope. 
The Messenger is a rare find that contains many revelations to move into an expansive awareness within your life.
     A book worth pondering, '
The Messenger' effectively advances change within one’s life. A highly recommended read!

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The Messenger
Revelations from
an Unlikely Prophet
by Ann Hamilton Wallace


PAGE TRIM SIZE (inches): 5.5x8.5



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