How I Saved My Own Life
And You Can Too!

Ann Hamilton Wallace, M.A., Msc.D.
, M.F.T.

GRAPHIC ARTIST: Nancy Younan Tamer
OTHER CONTRIBUTERS: Paige Craig (Photographer)
           and Vicki Torres (Editor)
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CATEGORY(s):  Medical Self-Help
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How I Saved My Own Life And You Can Too!
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Inspiration for this book came about when I was convalescing from my battle for life.  Cancer is a formidable opponent. You need information, internal strength and emotional support to be ready when something such as this strikes.  I struggled to gain the knowledge I needed and to sift through the myriad of conflicting opinions from experts.  My intention in sharing my experience and hard work is to help others avoid that heartache when one may be least able to handle it. 

And finally, I have to admit there were some sad and painful days along the way.  However, I chose to turn my suffering into something positive.  It is my greatest wish to help others with their own personal journey and perhaps avoid similar challenges.  I hope reading this book will encourage you to live a healthier and happier life!

As always my inspiration comes from God, family and friends, and readers like you!




Acknowledgements v
Introduction vii
Section I – My Story  
  Chapter 1 – An Unexpected Diagnosis 1
  Chapter 2 – Surreal Surgery 19
Section II – Breast Cancer Risks  
  Chapter 3 – Internal Risks: Antibiotics, Alcohol, Hormones & Weight 36
  Chapter 4 – External Risks: Radiation, Pesticides & Cosmetics 63
Section III – Prevention  
  Chapter 5 – Food for Health 92
  Chapter 6 – Herbs That Heal 125
  Chapter 7 – Good Practices for Women’s Health 142
  Chapter 8 – Aromatherapy, Yoga & Massage 158
  Chapter 9 – Stress Relief 170
Afterward 180
Index   181


"In clear, beautifully written terms, Ann Hamilton Wallace suggest many complementary ways to help both achieve and maintain good health. From the perspective of a woman who has successfully battled breast cancer, she has done considerable research to encourage others on their quest to good health. The content provides insight into getting well through healthful attitude, eating and overall lifestyle changes. Whether striving to regain good health or already healthy, anyone could potentially benefit from this extremely insightful, well-written and easily understood book.”
Jay Orringer, M.D., F.A.C.S.

 "A must read for anyone concerned about their health. A copious amount of research and compassion with a hint of humor. Designed to help others navigate their healthcare with increased awareness."
Uzzi Reiss, M.D., OB GYN

"Ann Hamilton Wallace has gathered some of the latest information and research from experts around the world into an informative, easy to read and understand book, "How I Saved My Own Life And You Can Too!"

I highly recommend this book to every woman, young and less young, as an essential primer for continued good health.

An ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure, especially when dealing with breast cancer. Ann Hamilton Wallace introduces us to many environmental and nutritional pathways for prevention of this all too common disease process.

Without a doubt, this book is a must read for every health-conscious woman!"
— Mark I. Saginor, M.D., D.H.M.


How I Saved My Own Life
And You Can Too!

Ann Hamilton Wallace, M.A., Msc.D., M.F.T.




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