The Bridge
Think On These Things
by Ann Hamilton Wallace

The obstacles in your life will fall and become
a bridge to your success and happiness with
the right thinking and actions.

"Our greatest need is for the hand of God to
build a bridge over which we can cross from
mortal perception to divine understanding."

- Marianne Williamson


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God inspired me to title this book 'The Bridge: Think on These Things' because it is a means of communicating the truth to people of all faiths and races, conservatives and New Age thinkers alike.  'The Bridge' calls us to join with others, reach beyond infomercials and media hype and realize significant matters of the heart.  'The Bridge' gives us the ability to see through self-imposed delusions and connect to freedom and Divine understanding, which will effect positive change in each person, our community, our country and our world.

Each chapter of 'The Bridge' is distinct.  They demonstrate that responding righteously to each individual obstacle that you or your adversaries have constructed in your life will cause your “road blocks” to fall and become a bridge to your success and happiness.  These stepping-stones will lead you across the abyss of infantilism and complacency to a more purposeful lifestyle infused with Divine meaning.



Miraculous Things are Happening in Woodland Hills 2
Joe, the Limo Driver 7
The Immaculate Heart Center 10
Weavings 14
Innocent Bystander 18
Is It OK to Change What God Has Given You? 20
Self-Hate 22
Suffering 24
Where Psychology Fails 26
In Search of God at Harvard 29
To Thine Own Self Be True 34


America, The Beautiful 37
The “Dumbed-Down” Culture 42
Let the Kids Be Kids 45
One Mind at a Time 48
America’s Homeless Children 53
Charity and the “Palm Beach Belles” 59
Insurance for Our New Times 62
Who Is Killing the Girls of Juarez? 64
David & Goliath – Jane Jacobs Vs. Robert Moses 68
A Miracle With No Grants 72
God Goes to the Grammy’s 77
EverQuest 82
The Poisoning of America 84
Traumatized in the Trauma Center 91
Incarcerated in the United States Prison System 97
Racism 107
Healing the Heart of the United States 113
A New Bottom Line 118


Ethnicity 122
Oh, Jerusalem 124
The 11th Hour 131
A Major World Government 135
Planet Human – Planet Earth 142


Contemplation 144
Temptation 148
Sin Revisited 150
Spirituality Vs. Religion 151
Zen 153
I Have Come to Separate 154
The Gift of Tears 158
Detachment 160
A Return to Nature 163
Creativity 166
Think on These Things 170

The Bridge: Think On These Things
by Ann Hamilton Wallace

The Bridge






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