Larry, my husband, and
me at our daughter’s wedding.

Our eldest daughter, Krista Lynn
with her husband, Christopher Long
and their daughter, Jamie Nicole. 
They also have another beautiful
daughter, Jenna, born in December 2003.

Our younger daughter, Danielle Marie with her husband Jeff Plancich and their two boys, Jared and Jacob.

Jon at twelve.

Our son, Jon Thomas, a miracle for sure and my work-in-progress.

He took some time to conceive so he was born to us later in life.  He was a noisy little thing and the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.

When Jon was 4, we got a shock when he was diagnosed with Autism.  The prognosis is not anything to be happy about.  After a brief pity party, instead of acknowledging defeat, I became an expert on Autism.  I read everything I could get my hands on.

Jon’s case is complicated by the fact that he doesn’t fit the typical autistic profile.  Therefore, I treated him as the unique individual that he is.  Throughout our journey together, we have never had a dull moment.

My husband and I advocate for our son.  We continually provide an environment that enables him to overcome his challenges.  With many, many prayers and Jon’s tenacity, we are forging a uniquely talented and good-hearted person.

Jon is having the time of his life as a senior in high school.  He's earning straight "A's" and is a star member of the football team.

Jon earned his 4th degree black belt in Karate in 2005 and has become an accomplished dancer in ballet and jazz.  He also enjoys acting and is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild.

God bless you, Jon—you are my HERO!


As we are now....after 35 years of marriage, we are exploring peace, spirituality and adventure.

INTERVIEW:  Ann the Mother

AP:  How would you compare motherhood to your other endeavors?

Ann:   The most amazing experience I have ever had is the birth of my children.  I wouldn’t feel complete without being a mother.  When they hand you your baby it is the thrill of a lifetime.  At the same time, a manual of instructions for this individual is not available.

With an open heart, much love and hard work, two beings have an opportunity to grow and flourish.

I cannot fathom a life without my children.  They have gifted me with their love and challenged me to become the person I am today.  Every time I think I’m “with the program” they show me something else I need to know.