The Messenger
Revelations from an Unlikely Prophet 
by Ann Hamilton Wallace

GRAPHIC ARTIST: Nancy Younan Tamer
OTHER CONTRIBUTERS: Allen Daviau (Photographer),
           Linda Sivertsen (Editor), Vicki Torres (Copy Editor)
ISBN (Hardbound):  09724458-0-3
LCCN:  2002094555
CATEGORY(s):  Spiritual/Self-Help/Psychology
PRICE Hardbound:  $22.95, or
           eBook:  $13.95 
PAGE TRIM SIZE (inches): 5.5x8.5

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We are in the 11th hour.  Spiritually bankrupt and anesthetized by distractions, we are on autopilot to disaster.  God sent prophets in the past to teach righteous thinking and actions.  Many have misunderstood or lost their way.  The Messenger provides a wake-up call from our slumber of infantilism and frivolity.  It calls us to live with purpose and more importantly, to live united with God and one another.  The Messenger is easy to read and non-verbose, making it accessible to busy people.  The reader will not have to depart from everyday reality and adopt a Utopian point of view.  The Messenger helps those that are confused with statements like, “Love is all there is” by acknowledging evil and giving readers ways to overcome it.  The Messenger is a life-changing book that can manifest miracles in people’s lives.  And, miracles are what we all need now! 

Ann Hamilton Wallace has sustained a lifelong communication with God.  She has read countless books by other spiritual scholars such as Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, and Deepak Chopra.  She knows God’s voice and because of this has created miracles in her own life.  Join Ann on her journey of fulfilling God’s purpose in her life: to affect positive change in the world and to bring humanity closer to God.

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The Bridge
Think On These Things
by Ann Hamilton Wallace

The obstacles in your life will fall and become 
a bridge to your success and happiness with 
the right thinking and actions.


God inspired me to title this book 'The Bridge: Think on These Things' because it is a means of communicating the truth to people of all faiths and races, conservatives and New Age thinkers alike.  'The Bridge' calls us to join with others, reach beyond infomercials and media hype and realize significant matters of the heart.  'The Bridge' gives us the ability to see through self-imposed delusions and connect to freedom and Divine understanding, which will effect positive change in each person, our community, our country and our world.

Each chapter of 'The Bridge' is distinct.  They demonstrate that responding righteously to each individual obstacle that you or your adversaries have constructed in your life will cause your “road blocks” to fall and become a bridge to your success and happiness.  These stepping-stones will lead you across the abyss of infantilism and complacency to a more purposeful lifestyle infused with Divine meaning.

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How I Saved My Own Life
And You Can Too!

Ann Hamilton Wallace, M.A., Msc.D.

GRAPHIC ARTIST: Nancy Younan Tamer
OTHER CONTRIBUTERS: Paige Craig (Photographer),
Vicki Torres (Editor)
ISBN (Softbound): 
CATEGORY(s):  Medical Self-Help
PRICE Softbound:  $14.95, or
           eBook:  $9.95 
PAGE TRIM SIZE (inches):

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INSPIRATION FOR How I Saved My Own Life And You Can Too!

Inspiration for this book came about when I was convalescing from my battle for life.  Cancer is a formidable opponent. You need information, internal strength and emotional support to be ready when something such as this strikes.  I struggled to gain the knowledge I needed and to sift through the myriad of conflicting opinions from experts.  My intention in sharing my experience and hard work is to help others avoid that heartache when one may be least able to handle it. 

And finally, I have to admit there were some sad and painful days along the way.  However, I chose to turn my suffering into something positive.  It is my greatest wish to help others with their own personal journey and perhaps avoid similar challenges.  I hope reading this book will encourage you to live a healthier and happier life!

As always my inspiration comes from God, family and friends, and readers like you!


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